Indian Railways has entered in a contract (no.95/RSF/142/2 (GP-122)) with M/s.LHB, Germany
for provide of contemporary gentle weight excessive velocity coaches. The coaches are of air-conditioned kind
chair automobile and generator automobile, that are match for operation at velocity of 160 kmph. Coaches shall have a
velocity potential of 200 kmph with appropriate additions.
The coaches shall have the passable efficiency implies that Sprelling RI shall be ideally
beneath 2.5 however not exceeding 2.75.The coaches shall be designed to adapt to the principal
dimension/ requirement given hereunder:

1. Track gauge = 1676mm.
2. SOD, IRSOD = 1676mm gauge of 1939 (Reprinted 1973).
3. Sharpest curve to barter = 175m.
4. Super elevation = 165mm max.
5. Min. Clearance above rail stage = 102mm.
6. Pay load on AC coach = T.

1. Higher carrying capacity- these coaches are about two meter longer than ICF coaches. This
further size means two extra rows of chairs in chair automobiles of 1 extra method in sleeper
2. Better pay to tare ratio- LHB coaches shall weight roughly 40.Three tonnes. This weight is
lower than ICF coaches even with 2meter further size.
3. Low corrosion- these shall be low corrosion on LHB coaches on account of excessive utilization of
chrome steel higher design and manufacturing strategies.
4. Low maintenance- Replacement or elimination of sub-system shall be required solely after one
million kilometres. These aren’t any door handles projecting exterior the coach and mechanised
automobile washing in facilitated.
5. LHB coaches have authentically superior inside with GRP panels for aspect wall and roof
panelling. They may be eliminated simply for upkeep, resist water seepage and are put on
6. These aren’t any seen screws contained in the passenger compartments.
7. Higher passenger comfort- Ride index of two.5 (not exceeding 2.75) has been specified.
8. LHB coach provides higher passenger security due to- Use of fireside retardant materials for
• Provision of emergency open ready home windows.
• Centre buffer couplers, vertically interlocked.
Visible door have thermal locking.
9. LHB coach provides higher passenger facilities due to- A)More house for pantry.
B) Individual studying gentle within the chair automobile.

C) Ergonomically designed chairs with reclining again relaxation (seat backside sliding characteristic
offered moreover for government class chairs).

1. Gauge     -1676mm
2. Length over physique  –  23540mm
3. Buffer centres   – 1956mm
4. Maximum width over physique   – 3240mm
5. Height of the centre line of coupler from rail stage  – 1105mm
beneath tare situation
6. Height of compartment ground coupler from rail stage –  1303mm
beneath tare situation.
7. Maximum distance between innerwheels –   12345mm
Maximum buffer drop beneath gross load worn situation   –  75mm
8. Maximum peak of the centre line of aspect buffer    – 1105mm
above rail stage for empty automobiles
9. Minimum peak of centre Line of aspect buffer above   – 1030mm
Rail stage for loaded automobile
10. Maximum peak of centre of screw coupling above rail    -1055mm
stage for empty automobiles
11. Maximum axle load Permissible    – 16 tonne


LHB coaches are fitted with managed discharge rest room unit to keep away from swelling of monitor in station
and inhabited areas. Waste is saved in to an intermediate tank which is closed by a slide wall
managed by a microprocessor. The slide wall opens routinely at velocity above 30KMPH.
Toilet items are fitted with button operated flush valves, which flush with pre water utilizing
compressed air. Tanks have a capability of storage of fabric for fifteen flushes and must be
earlier than it may be used additional.
Lavatory air flow system is to teach AC system of the coach by means of grills and exhaust fan.
Exhaust fan opens in finish wall to keep away from suction of the soul odor in AC methods.

There 78 chairs within the second AC chair automobiles and 56 chairs in government class organized in rows of two
and three chairs weight of a single chair for second AC chair automobile is roughly 21 kg towards 28

kg in current IR coaches. The chairs have light-weight aluminium body seat cushion and again
relaxation are made of fireside retardant PU foam.

a) Axle mounted disc brake with 2 disc per axle are used. This shall laid down upkeep
necessities of brake methods.
b) 640mm*110mm discs.
c) Condemning wheel dia of 845mm (New 915mm).
d) Microprocessor managed wheel slide safety machine with all 4 axle managed.
e) Braking distance of 18 coach double headed practice from a velocity of 160 kmph is 1200 meter.
f) Bogie stage isolation for brake methods.
g) EP brakes.
h) Indicators to point out that brakes are utilized.
i) Hand brakes solely in energy automobiles.
j) All brake parts are mounted in brake system.
ok) Cutting ring kind of pipe fittings for air tightness.
l) Stainless metal pipes for corrosion resistance.
m) Independent brake cylinder for every disc.
n) Asbestos free composition brake pads.

a) Emergency brake utility within the occasion of ACD.
b) Air exhaust by means of 19mm chokes as per UIC.
c) UIC pull deal with.
d) Pull handles are positioned on each the doorway partitions of the passenger compartment and in addition
e) Coupler forces are required to be inside restrict of the coupler energy.

The coaches shall be supplied with tight lock centre buffer coupler and anti-climbing characteristic and
be succesful with AAR kind coupler fitted on locomotive to IR Specification 56-BD-92.

These coaches are longer by 1.7 meters than the ICF coaches and therefore extra variety of
passengers may be accommodated in a given coach. As the size of the coach is longer the
variety of coaches required to kind a formation is decreased and therefore total price of
upkeep turns into much less.
These coaches are fitted with Axle Mounted Disc brakes to have an efficient brake energy
to cease the practice throughout the emergency braking distance. As the brake forces are performing on
the Discs that are mounted on the Axles, the damage on the wheel tread prompted on account of tread
brake is eradicated and therefore the lifetime of the wheels are significantly elevated.
These coaches are fitted with Wheel slide safety machine to stop the wheel from
getting skid. Due to varied causes it’s doable for any one of many wheel to have lesser
velocity when in comparison with the opposite three wheels and in such a case it releases the air from

the brake cylinder of the affected wheel routinely to stop the wheels from getting
These coaches are fitted with Brake accelerator within the Brake pipe to deliver BP stress to
zero throughout emergency brake utility. The brake accelerator connects the Brake pipe
with exhaust throughout emergency utility to facilitate quicker releasing of air from the
brake pipe.
These coaches are supplied with FIAT bogies, that are designed to run at a velocity of 160
These coaches are fitted with Controlled discharge Toilet system designed to discharge the
human waste when the velocity reaches above 30 KMPH after completion of 15 flushing.
The goal of this rest room system is to maintain the station premises clear and hygienic.
These are fitted with tight lock AAR centre buffer coupler with anti-climbing characteristic to
stop the climbing of 1 coach over one other in case of accidents.
The wheelbase of Bogie is 2560 mm.
These coaches are fitted with earthling machine to stop damages to the Roller bearings.
These coaches are fitted with roof mounted AC bundle items.
The following tools’s are operated by electronically operated management system
a. Wheel slide safety machine.
b. Controlled discharge rest room system.
c. Water pumping machine.
d. Roof mounted AC bundle items
The driving index of LHB coach is 2.75 when in comparison with 3.25 in case of ICF Coaches
The passenger emergency alarms sign units are offered inside passenger
compartment. This is to keep away from operation of PEASD by unauthorized individuals from exterior.
There isn’t any mechanical linkage like a sequence and this deal with immediately operates the PEASD
valve for venting the brake pipe stress.

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