Rates – PART I


1. What are Wharfage costs? What is the free time allowed on Goods unloaded and charges for levy of Wharfage costs?

2.  Define demurrage costs? What are the rules for dealing of waiver/refund of demurrage and Wharfage costs?

3.  What are the final guidelines for reserving of baggage?

4.  Write brief notes on following:

a) Free allowance of baggage on tickets of various lessons and passes issued to Railway servants.

b) What is marginal allowance.

5 How do you deal the instances of unbooked and partially booked baggage detected on trains?

6 What is supposed by Rationalization of Parcel Traffic? How does it assist Railways in minimizing claims?

7 Write intimately about Season tickets? Market Vendor Season ticket, Low Value Season ticket, Free Season Tickets issued to college students.

8 What are the foundations for reserving of a particular practice?

9 What is supposed by Station Outstanding? What are the steps taken to reduce excellent?

10 Write brief Notes on the next

a) Routing of products visitors    b) Rating of products visitors   c) Route Rationalization Scheme.

11 What are the foundations governing the opening of a halt station?

12 Write brief notes on any three of the next:

a) Wagon Demand Registration Fee.    b) Exemption from cost of WDRF.

c) Refund of WDRF.      d) Premier Registration Scheme.

13 What are the final guidelines for challenge of Railway concessions to passengers? Write about any two concessions?

14 What are the foundations governing grant of station to station charge?

15.  What is a siding? Briefly clarify the process for opening of a siding?

16.  What is a siding settlement? What are the assorted costs collected at Siding?

17.  Write brief notes on :

a) Out Agency      b) City Booking Office   c) RCT     d) RRT    e) Claims Website

f) MRs 11 level programme    g) Single File System    h) Method to observe Boards and MRs references


 18.  Write about weighment and reweighment of Goods and collection of punitive charges in case of overloading?

19.  What are the incentives and Awards Scheme obtainable on S.C.Railway for implementation of Hindi?

20. What are the constitutional provision relating to use of Official Language Policy?



Rates – PART II

1. RCF stands for _________________________.

2. FOIS stands for ___________________________________.

3. IVRS stands for ____________________________________.

4. POET stands for ____________________________________

5. COIS stands for _____________________________________.

6. CONCERT stands for __________________________________.

7. RDSO stands for ______________________________________.

8. CRIS stands for ______________________________________.

9. IRCTC stands for _______________________________________.

10. RITES stand for ____________________________________.

11. IRCON stands for ____________________________________.

12. IRFC stands for ______________________________________.

13. NTES stands for _____________________________________.

14. Commercial Manual Vol.I offers with___________.

15. Commercial Manual Vol. II offers with _____________________.

16. Goods Tariff Part I Vol I comprises guidelines relating to _____________ items.

17. Goods Tariff Part I Vol II comprises guidelines relating to _____________ of products.

18. Goods Tariff Part II comprises guidelines relating to __________ of products.

19. Coaching Tariff half I comprise guidelines relating to ____________.

20. Coaching Tariff half II comprises guidelines relating to ____________.

21. Coaching Tariff half III comprises guidelines relating to ____________.

22. TRC stands for ____________________________________

23. SORC stands for __________________________________________

24. Bans are imposed by _________________________.

25. Restrictions are imposed by _____________________.

26. Wagon demand can’t be accepted when ____________ are in power.

27. Forwarding notice must be preserved for a minimal interval of _______.

28. Preferential visitors order is ruled by Section ___ of the railway act.

29. Excepting on ___________ days allotment of wagons must be executed as per precedence.

30. PT Order is legitimate a interval of ______________________.

31. PTO is printed by _______________________.

32. Allotment of wagons as per oldest date of registration is completed on ______.

33. The variety of priorities in PT Order is _______________.

34. For dispose unconnected or undelivered items y public public sale directions from _______________ is required.

35. In case of stated to comprise RR, extra packages are delivered on _____________ and _______________________.

36. WT is licensed by ____________________.

37. BCX normal rake consists ____________ wagons

38. Change of commodity is permitted by the DCM if the commodity is _____.

39. In case of misdeclaration, the minimal penalty per quintal is _________.

40. If PCEV costs usually are not paid Railways legal responsibility per sheep/goat is ______.

41. L situation means _________________________________________.

42. In normal classifications letter d signifies ________________________.

43. In normal classification letter small p signifies ___________________.

44. M & DG stands for ___________________________________

45. PDC stands for ______________________________________

46. SWA stands for _____________________________________

47. SLO stands for ___________________________________________

48. VDS stands for _____________________________________________

49. JSR stands for __________________________________________

50. MPA stands for ________________________________________

51. Delivery in need of vacation spot known as _______________________.

52. Diversion price per wagon is Rs. ____________________.

53. When consignments are diverted freight excellent may be cleared by _______________________.

54. Rebooking of perishables is ___________________.

55. When consignments are rebooked freight excellent may be cleared by ______________.

56. RR is issued on the door step of consignor in _______________ companies.

57. Specially lowered charges is relevant in _______ to ________ charge.

58. Demurrage cost is levied on per___________________basis.

59. Normal Goods shed working hours are from _______ to ________.

60. Demurrage cost for first 24 hours per Eight wheeler wagon per hour is Rs. ______

61. Demurrages cost for second 24 hours per Eight wheeler wagon per hour is Rs. ________.

62. Demurrage cost for subsequent hours after second 24 hours per Eight wheeler BG wagon per hour is Rs. _____.

63. Wharfage cost is collected per day per ________ for items visitors.

64. Wharfage cost on parcels is collected per day per a unit of ______ kgs.

65. Concession granted to Orthopedically handicapped individual with escort in AC2 tier is ________ p.c

66. Concession granted to Orthopedically handicapped individual with escort in Sleeper class is ________ p.c.

67. Concession given to college students on Season ticket is ________ p.c.

68. Free season tickets are issued to ladies college students learning upto _____ class.

69. Free season tickets are issued to boys college students learning upto ____ class.

70. The cost of low value season ticket issued to labourers of unorganized sector is Rs. ___.

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