Welcome to your LHB AIR BRAKE SET 4

Actual size of tool required to open slack adjuster nut of ‘SAB’ brake cylinder is -
Dia of ‘SAB’ make brake cylinder is -
What is the capacity of AR tank?
Max. length of brake pad is -
Friction area of brake pad is -
If brake cylinder pipe pressure is below 0.6 bars, the brake indicator shows -
If brake cylinder pipe pressure is equal or more than 0.6 bar, the brake indicator shows-
What is the diameter meter of brake disc?
Brake disc made up of -
Fins provided between the brake discs -
The brake disc fitted on a same axle at the distance is -
Distance of brake disc from inner face of wheel is -
Which type of air brake system being used on LHB coaching stock?
How many type brakes system provided on LHB power car.
Hand brake are provided on LHB power cars know as
Hand brakes provided on no. of wheels is -
What are main advantages to adopt disc brake system on LHB coaches?
How many pressure tanks provided on generator car.
What is the capacity of pressure tank provided for parking brake?
What is the name of cable provided for hand brake?
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