Official Language Rajbhasha Hindi Quiz Set 7

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Official Language Rajbhasha Hindi Quiz Set 7

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What is the amount of honorarium given to Part Time OLIC Part Time clerk?

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When was first time ‘World Hindi Day’ is observed?

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In which form Standard Forms (which are not used by public) are to be printed in
Hindi & English – Bilingual Form

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In which form Office/Station Name boards, sign boards, Designation Boards and Forms used by
public are to be prepared?

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What is the target fixed in Annual Programme for writing noting in Hindi?

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What is the name of the award given for writing Hindi Novel & Story books?

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Lal Bahadur Shastri Technical Puraskar award given for  writing original books in Hindi on

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What is the quantity of Cash Award for Passing Prabodh with 55% or extra however lower than 60% of marks?

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When will an worker develop into eligible for Cash Award for passing Hindi Typewriting Examination?


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What is the quantity of Cash Award for Passing Prabodh with 60% or extra however lower than 70% of marks?


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How many articles are there in the Part XVII of the Constitution?

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Which article of the constitution contain provision regarding the language to be used in courts etc.?

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On which date Part XVII of the Constitution was passed in Parliament?

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What is the main duty of Official Language Implementation Committee?

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What is the periodicity of the meetings Official Language Implementation Committee?

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Who prepares Annual Programme on Official Language?

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What is the honorarium given to the OLIC part-time Clerk for looking after the work relating to
Official Language Implementation Committees constituted at Stations/Offices?

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How many Hindi courses are prescribed for Central Govt. employees?

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How many times Hindi examinations (except Intensive Training) are conducted in a year?

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How long is the Praveen course conducted under Intensive Training?

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